Ground Temperature and Geothermal Cooling

  • Florida ground temperature – How can you cool with it?
    • Even in the heat of summer, the ground water remains a constant temperature of about 72°F in central Florida
    • This is much cooler than the air above (which may be 95°).
    • Depending on where the outdoor compressor or condenser is located it could be up to 110° to 130° around the outdoor unit


High Water Tables and Geothermal Cooling

  • High water tables – Does that present a problem?
    • Not at all – Saturated ground actually helps with heat conduction


What is Geo Exchange?

  • Another name for Geothermal
  • Other variations include ground-source or  ground-water-source



  • Geothermal units do not burn fossil fuels
  • Don’t use combustion
  • Don’t cause a risk of explosion
  • No carbon monoxide build-up
  • No outdoor unit to hit with lawn equipment


The Environment and Geothermal Cooling

  • Free, Clean and Renewable Energy from the earth
    • Reduce your carbon footprint
    • Help to protect the environment
    • The most environmentally friendly way to condition our homes or our business
    • Lowest carbon dioxide emissions and lowest overall environmental cost


What Is Renewable Energy?

  • Renewable energy sources regenerate
  • Can be sustained indefinitely
  • Are not exhausted like fossil fuels



  • Geothermal units have superior ratings of cooling and heating efficiency – up to the highest ratings currently certified: 30 EER
  • Cooling: 2 times as efficient as the highest rated air conditioner or heat pump
  • Heating: 5 five times better in efficiency than any ordinary furnace
  • For every dollar of electricity spent you will receive 4 to 6 dollars back in energy savings on your investment


What about Cost?

  • The initial cost to install can be more than traditional systems
  • The cost over the life of the system is the lowest of any heating and cooling system.
  • Multiple federal, local and utility tax credits and rebates are available
  • The monthly energy cost savings offset the higher installation cost
  • Geothermal units are less costly to maintain
  • Lower utility bills increase the value of your home


Installing Geothermal in Tight Spaces

Vertical loops are perfect for areas with little ground space.  With the specialized drilling equipment available today, the installation can be completed without tearing up your back yard.  Nice little perk, right?