Geothermal Energy Cost

Cost Savings - What System is Best for Me?

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    • Repair
    • Replacement and New Installation
  • Federal and local tax credits and rebates
  • Local utility company credits and rebates

Energy Savings

Payback Analysis

  • A payback analysis is the measurement of the efficiency and value of your home comfort system
  • A way of learning how long it will take you to recoup the purchase price in energy savings
  • Conventional or Geothermal Energy cost over a year’s time is included in the calculation
  • Calculated as the cost of the installation divided by the annual savings
  • If the system costs $1000, and it will save you $200 a year on your electric bill, the Payback Period will equal 5 years


The Savings

Typical annual electric savings in Central Florida total $1800

  • Heating $350
  • Cooling $970
  • Hot Water $480

savings piechart$1,800 Total Savings Per Year