Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal cooling, heating, water heating, and pool heating systems are the best options in terms of energy efficiency, economy, and environmental responsibility available today.

 How does a geothermal heat pump work in the winter?

Generating heat by burning fuel is no longer the only option.  In winter the temperature underground is significantly higher than the outside temperature.  The geothermal heat pump uses a system of piping filled with liquid that absorbs heat from the earth which is then carried to the house or building and sent through the ductwork like any other heating system.

In the summer the process is reversed.  The liquid in the piping draws heat from the house or building which is then absorbed by the earth.


Energy GuideGeothermal heat pumps achieve EER's (Energy Efficiency Ratings) well into in the 30's, which is extremely higher than the normal 13 to 16 SEER of conventional air conditioning systems.

 Types of Systems

There are different kinds of geothermal system installations.  Read about the different technologies:

Open Loop Geothermal Systems:

Supply & Injection System

Supply & Injection Wells

Closed Loop Geothermal Systems:

         This is preferred method

Horizontal Loop

Pond (Lake) Loops

Vertical Loop

What System Is Best For Me?