The Geothermal Loop

Simply put, a geothermal loop is a system of piping that carries liquid which is used to cool or heat.  There are several different types of systems.  Each has different components which are suited to various installation types.

Open Loop Geothermal Systems

Supply & Injection System

This is an ideal choice for a geothermal heat pump

This type of system in Florida is used for:

  • Limited land use
  • Commercial applications where there is no land available - only a parking lot
  • Commercial or residential pool heating

open loop

Supply & Injection Wells

  • Typically spaced as far apart as is available
  • Depths vary based on location
  • The open geothermal loop draws from the Florida Aquifer
  • Environmetally safe - there is no impact to the aquifer
  • The aquifier is a constant 72-74⁰ temperature and so it provides cooling in summer and heat in winter

The Floridan Aquifier


  • The most productive aquifer in the world
  • Covers over 100,000 sq. Miles