Geothermal Pool Heating & Cooling

With the lovely winter temperatures in Florida, having a pool heating system is a great thing.  Being able to swim year round and get the most out of your pool makes life just that much better.

AquaCal HeatPump

Typically pool heating has been accomplished using electric or gas heaters, which can add significant dollars to your power bill.  Another option is a solar heat pump, which uses solar panels and piping, usually placed on the roof.  Maintenance can be an issue.  A broken or leaking pipe on the roof can cause damage, both to the building and the pool pump if water is suddenly pumped out of the system instead of into the pool.


Solar heaters are limited in how much they can heat when the outside air temperatures are low.  Gas heaters are able to heat the water as much as you like, but they are also quite expensive to run.


Geothermal pool heating is very efficient – 90% more than gas heaters - and very good for the environment. Operation costs are much less expensive, and you are using a renewable source of energy.


Geothermal pool heating is accomplished by using the heat from the ground. Even when the outside air is very cold, the temperature underground it remains relatively constant at about 70° to 72° F.


Geothermal heat pumps use a loop system which is buried underground.  The loop (piping) contains liquid which absorbs the heat from the ground.  The heat pump then applies the heat to the pool water.


Air Conditioning Solutions is an Authorized Dealer for AquaCal and has much experience installing Aquacal geothermal pool heating equipment in both commercial and residential settings.

Geothermal pool heaters can be installed indoors or outdoors and are the most efficient way to heat your pool.  There are no coils to corrode from salt water.

You control the temperature with dual pool and spa thermostats- not too hot, not too cold

Geothermal Spa Heaters

  • Uses the water from your pool to heat your spa - even when the pool water is 50 degrees
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Very quiet operation
  • Lowest cost spa heating method